Sham Shui Po Markets


Sham Shui Po is one of my favorite places in Hong Kong. The district has a very coloured heritage, and walking through the streets gives you that quintessential ‘Hong Kong’ feeling. As one of the lower decile parts of the SAR, it is a haven for bargain hunters and vintage shoppers alike.

As per many Asian cities, the markets are divided in to different streets. If you are looking for anything toy related, then Fuk Wing Street is where you want to head. Soft toys, figurines, balls, dolls, trading cards, remote-controlled things, balloons – you name it, you will find it here. Before special festivals they also bring out a plethora of related items. Because it’s almost Easter, you can currently find a big range of eggs, rabbit ears, banners and gift bags. This would be a super-fun place to bring kids, and because the prices are so cheap, no one would have to leave empty-handed.

ssp1 ssp2 toy street 1

Neighbouring Apliu Street is known for its range of gadgets and electronics. This is where you need to come for all of your LED lights, second-hand drills, hand-made musical instruments, clocks, audio gear and retro photography equipment. It is also the best place to locate old chargers for products that may be out-dated.

ssp7 ssp5 ssp8 ssp9 ssp6

Ki Lung St is where you want to go if you are looking for fabrics. The street is lined with sellers who mostly act as wholesale merchants, but who are willing to sell to any one. Bolts of fabric in varying colours and patterns are available to view, along with swatches at some of the stores. If you want ribbons, sequins and beads, the carry on to Yu Chau St. You can find anything to be-dazzle your crafts here, the options are limitless!

fabric ssp12 beads ssp1o ssp11


Apart from the markets, the daily street scenes in the area are stunning. Pre-war buildings sit next to fences lined with washing; it’s a photographers paradise. You could spend a few hours or a few days getting lost in the streets of Sham Shui Po. Forget the Peak Tram, this place is soooooo much more interesting.

ssp4 street laundry

Take the mtr to Sham Shui Po station and exit at Ac


2 thoughts on “Sham Shui Po Markets

    • Hey there, sorry for the late reply, I only just saw this. There are bead shops all around the fabric streets in SSP. Head over there and you should be able to find what you are looking for 🙂

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