When I first heard about a fashion label that was based around quotes from the bible, I was dubious, to say the least. It all sounded a little too in-your-face-religious to my theologicallyinterestedyetnotpractising ears. BUT I’ve got to hand it to them, these guys know how to rock an idea.

Word on the street is that the creator suffered from depression, found Christianity and then wanted to share her new-found beliefs with the world – thus, the birth of Amenpapa. I love to visit the shop in LCX in Harbour City. It’s packed full of bright things, gold trimmings and cute details – like googly eyes on the back of all the coat hangers.

amen3 amen6 amen

They make clothing that is bold, colourful and interesting. Many of the pieces do have quotes on them, but they are placed in a way that is not totally direct and preachy. They also tend to choose verses that are quite subtle and can be easy reflected in the clothing style. I am currently loving the ‘God Knows’ shirts (around $900HKD) and the ‘Last Supper Jacket’ (around $1500HKD).

amen8 amen5 amen4

They also make cool jewellery pieces, like the ‘Hallelujah’ necklace below ($999 HKD) which is actually a collaboration with Japanese label MYOB. Cute buttons, coasters, bags, scarves and notebooks litter the shop as well, so there’s something for everyone’s price point.

amen7 amen2 amen1

I think that anyone interested in fashion would appreciate looking in this store, so don’t be put off by the religious angle. You can think of the text more like positive mantras for life. Check out their awesomeness – stat!

P.S. These guys ship worldwide on their website, so everyone can enjoy the love.


Shop 2004, LCX, Level Three

Ocean Terminal, Harbour City

5 Canton Road

Tsim Sha Tsui

Hong Kong


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