I discovered these guys when I was living in Seoul, so was ECSTATIC when I found their huge store here in Causeway Bay.

Aland houses a myriad of Korean designer’s and brings the eclectic street-style of the nation to your door. Walls full of hats, shoes, jewellery, bags and clothing are jam packed with awesomeness, AND all for super reasonable prices.

Labels such as 3.3 Field Trip, Thisisneverthat and Lounge 8 are all represented, as well as some staples like Boy London. Hats with ears, bold 80’s style knits and lovely Winter capes all make an appearance in store, your biggest problem will be deciding what to leave behind! The store is fantastically merchandised with colours coming at you from every direction. A huge selection of accessories also make it a fab place for gift buying (when you’ve finished shopping for yourself!)

aland 9 aland 2 aland 1 aland 5 aland 4 aland 6 aland 7 aland 8

They have also just opened a vintage section down the back, which adds to the gloriousness. Vintage suitcases are filled with scarves and second hand treasures. Racks of denim jackets, duffle coats and leather vests for the boys, while girls can savour the sweet vintage dresses in an array of beautiful fabrics.

Here are some snaps from my latest haul….

Loud Red Jumper $105 HKD

Vintage Navy Duffle $200 HKD

Vintage Navy dress with Maple Leaf Print $120 HKD (I know! So cheap!)

Pearl Panda Ears Headband $100 HKD

Camo Socks (with obscenities) $60 HKD

aland sweater aland jacket aland dress aland headband aland socks



The shop has found more fans in the past couple of months, so be prepared to queue a while to make your purchases, the wait will totally be worth it!

Check them out at…

Lee Theatre Plaza

First Floor

99 Percival St

Causeway Bay

They also have smaller branches in Harbour City and Kwun Tong.



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